We want to find out about your understanding of autism (ASD) in relation to your child​ 

We are interested in your understanding of the individual characteristics of your child with autism (ASD).

Exploring parental understanding of autism in relation to the unique strengths and abilities of their children, will help us develop the means to individualized intervention strategies that will inform parents’ decisions and improve ways in which they can manage the challenging behaviors seen in autism and have a good quality of life. 

How can you get involved in this project?

Are you a parent/caregiver of a child with autism (ASD)?

If so, we'd love to participate in our project!

Calling all Parents of Children with Autism

Understanding autism (ASD) and your child's individual characteristics

This project investigates parental understanding of the strengths, abilities and unique characteristics of children with autism and how this might be related to parents', child's and family's quality of life and to good coping skills.

Participation to the project involves filling an online questionnaire that will take approximately 25 minutes.


Please complete our survey by following the link below!


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